About our linen collection

Resbelle offers luxury linens and table accessories, all of which are hand-crafted in Portugal and Italy by local artisans.

Unsurpassed in quality and design, these products offer you the luxury of a cultivated and elegant lifestyle. Stun your dinner guests with our refined placemats and napkins and wake up smiling on one of our beautiful pillow cases. Surprise your loved ones with unique presents from cocktail napkins to baby pillows. Whether you are invited to a cocktail party, a wedding or a friend just had a baby. Give a gift to remember you by.

Nothing machine produced will ever match the appeal of a handcrafted product. Making every item a unique piece of art and a treasure – whether it is a handkerchief, a cocktail napkin, or a pillow case.

About our pyjama collection

The Resbelle children’s pyjama is our latest chapter. Our vision is to create children’s pyjamas that go beyond elegance and comfort. They are designed to inspire parents to engage with their children, fostering a nightly tradition of asking “What made you happy today?” The embroidered sleeve prompts children to share the moments that made their day special.

The goal is that by wearing our pyjamas children will eventually associate the bedtime routine with thoughts of what made them happy during the day. It’s a subtle yet very impactful way to instill a sense of gratitude and reflection, cultivating a positive mindset that extends beyond bedtime – shaping the children’s overall outlook on life.

Join us in nurturing not only cozy nights but also the development of happy, grateful little hearts.

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